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Creating Storage Door Hanger Samples that Demand Attention

Door Hangers are NOT Dead in Orange CountyProfessional Storage Door Hanger Samples

The process of creating custom storage door hanger samples is a pleasant and rewarding experience for many clients. It is also incredibly cost-efficient to work with a professional direct mail advertising company to have a proof created. A door hanger proof is the perfect starting point that will allow storage companies to customize a truly unique door hanger campaign that works as a powerful direct-to-door marketing tool.
There are door hanger printing companies with over 20 years of experience designing and executing winning advertising strategies. These companies have the knowledge and resources necessary to help storage companies design eye-catching door hangers to get an edge on the competition. Checking out existing samples is an excellent way to see the endless number of variations that are possible. Samples also allow clients to understand the heightened importance that premium materials and printing have when creating door hangers that get noticed.  
Whether it is a new storage company just starting up or an existing company looking to expand its customer base, door hangers provide an efficient and affordable way to reach a specific target market.

Door Hangers are Effective Advertising

Experts estimate that the average person is bombarded with digital advertisements from as many as 300 sources every single day. This is very frustrating for people looking for specific information when a flood of advertisements get in the way of efficiently achieving that goal. Businesses pay a premium for digital advertising which can easily be ignored or may not even reach the target market.
With the glut of digital advertisements both on TV and the internet, direct-to-door print materials have an increased ability to really reach customers and convey a message. Studies have shown that direct mail is very effective because people generally check for mail daily and sort through the mail the same day. Door hangers are a specific type of direct mail marketing that is hand delivered and requires an action from the customer (removing the hanger from the door). A door hanger will often end up directly in the customer's hands where it can make a lasting impression with the way it looks, the message it delivers and how it feels as well.
Designing a door hanger that is charming, eye-catching and informational will effectively influence customers and make the most efficient use of advertising budgets.

Trusting the Experts

Custom direct marketing solution companies such as Front Door Advertising in Huntington Beach, California understand the industry and provide complete turnkey advertising campaigns for businesses in any industry. They provide design-to-distribution services that cover all of the following steps:
- Identifying the target market (i.e. a specific neighborhood, postal code, zone, city)
- Complete design of the door hanger campaign (with professional graphic artists to help clients find the perfect combination of print materials, graphics, colors, size and shapes for maximum impact)
- Printing of the door hangers (front and back color printing, UV coating and possible die-cut punch out cards)

- Quality delivery and distribution services across the US to ensure the door hangers effectively reach the homes within the target market

Contact a full service direct response advertising company to explore different types of storage door hanger samples today.