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Sample Door Hangers for Car Dealerships Show the Power of Direct Response Marketing

Custom Door Hangers for Car Dealerships

Viewing a number of sample door hangers for car dealerships is a great way to get an idea of the amazing number of customization options that are available. Customization opportunities in terms of shapes, print materials, colors and sizes allow clients to design a door hanger that gets noticed and efficiently communicates important information to customers.
Professional direct response advertising companies have the experience and industry expertise to work with car dealerships to create highly effective direct mail campaigns that generate results. This may include working directly with in-house graphic designers to create sample door hangers that can be altered and customized to become a perfect reflection of the car dealership.
In terms of efficient local marketing that is guaranteed to reach a specific target market, door hangers provide a variety of interesting options. They may be used as a part of a larger custom direct response advertising campaign or entirely on their own with high return on investment.

sample-door-hangers-for-dealershipsThe Steps to Successful Door Hanger Campaigns

The key to launching an effective door hanger advertising campaign is having a clear goal and correctly identifying the target market. The specifics of the target market can be used to help design a door hanger that resonates with customers and creates a lasting footprint. For car dealerships, this means designing an interesting door hanger that will place the dealership at the forefront of a customer's mind when they are in the market for a vehicle or service.
A door hanger can be designed to promote car sales, service or both but it should be clear what is being promoted. This is where industry experience is extremely valuable; understanding customers is essential to designing a door hanger that communicates a message that is easily absorbed and keeps the customer focused. This is generally accomplished by using a headline advertising a special sale or limited time service promotion.
Door hangers will have been shown to effectively get attention. The process of removing the door hanger from the front door knob ensures this. Using premium quality printing materials that are full color on both sides enhances the level of interaction with a better look and feel.
The delivery of the door hangers is an element of the process that should never be overlooked. The best door hanger designs will be rendered useless unless they are properly delivered to the homes in the target market.

The Front Door Advertising Advantage

Front Door Advertising is full service direct response marketing company located in Southern California. The company has over 20 years of experience helping clients from all over the US design and launch successful direct mailing campaigns.
Front Door Advertising is a trusted source of professional turnkey direct marketing solutions for a number of car dealerships located locally in California and across the US. Their complete door hanger marketing solution includes:
  • Helping clients identify the right target market
  • Design and customization of door hangers with in-house graphic designers and marketing professionals
  • Premium quality printing services
  • Supervised hand delivery of door hangers anywhere in the US
Contact one of the top direct response advertising companies to view sample door hangers for car dealerships. Discover the power of direct response marketing and create your custom campaign today.