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Fitness Door Hanger Samples Show the Power of Targeted Marketing

Fitness Door Hanger Samples

Looking at high quality fitness door hanger samples is the best way to understand the vast potential this targeted marketing tool provides fitness businesses of all sizes. Designing samples allows companies to customize and perfect unique door hangers to be used for mass circulation and distribution.
Fitness Door Hanger Samples Show the Power of Targeted MarketingMany of the top door hanger printing companies will offer a risk-free proof. This means that a sample door hanger will be designed according to client specifications. Additional changes can be made to the sample until the client is 100% satisfied with the advertisement design. It is important that the client and the designer work together to create a powerful advertisement communicating the right information. The top direct marketing companies have over 20 years of experience working with clients to design winning advertising campaigns from creation to completion.


Do Door Hangers Really Work?

Door hangers are proven to work very well and deliver high return on investment as long as they are used properly. It has been shown that younger demographics (ages 18-34) actually prefer to learn about marketing offers via direct mail. This happens to be the same demographic that tends to be most interested in fitness making door hangers an excellent marketing tool for reaching this highly coveted target market.  
In order to achieve the highest possible level of effectiveness, the target market must be correctly identified. For fitness businesses (such as gyms, yoga studios and wellness centers) the target market will be located relatively close to the business. Location is vital for convenience and accessibility. Even expertly designed door hangers won't improve customer response if they are distributed too far outside the area of convenience.
Door hangers have been shown to leave a deeper impression with most people than digital media and even other types of direct mail. The process of noticing the door hanger and having to physically remove it from the door provides a valuable window of opportunity to communicate directly with customers. It is imperative to choose printing materials that feel nice to the touch. A professionally designed door hanger will expertly convey the advertising message in the form of a headline, compelling offer and important information about the business.
Distribution is a major factor in the effectiveness of door hanger campaigns. Quality distribution ensures that the door hangers actually end up on the front door of all of the customers in the target market.

Turnkey Advertising Solutions

Front Door Advertising is one of the leading direct mail advertising companies providing complete custom advertising solutions to clients in Southern California and across the US.  The company provides turnkey solutions that maximize advertising dollars to improve results and generate leads.
The Front Door Advertising solution has been proven to be successful due to an unwavering commitment to providing quality services. The company provides the following door hanger campaign services:
  • Accurately identifying the target market
  • Expert ad design with access to professional graphics designers
  • Expert printing of door hangers (includes die-cut punch out cards, color printing on front and back, custom sizes and UV coating)
  • Quality controlled distribution on the day of choice (even holidays)
Contact one of the top direct mail marketing servicesto have premium quality fitness door hanger samples created risk-free today.