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Reach Your Target Market with Door Hangers for Restaurants

Maximizing Restaurant Advertising Efforts

Effective advertising for both new and established restaurants is essential to success. Door hangers for restaurants offer an amazing direct marketing opportunity to attract new customers and entice previous customers to return.
door-hanger-sample-for-restaurantsPeople tend to fall into habits when it comes to eating out and ordering take-out. It can be very difficult influencing people to venture outside of these habits. Different types of print advertising have been shown to be especially effective for generating a buzz and influencing people to try new restaurants, especially when they are conveniently located relatively close to home.
Door hangers for restaurants are a form of print advertising that has evolved to include the use of special discounts, convenient punch out menus and other incentives to effectively leave a long term impression with customers.

Effectively Reaching the Target Market with Door Hangers 

Digital advertising is the most common form of advertising in use right now, but it can be widely ineffective for businesses looking to advertise locally with a specific target market. There is also an abundance of digital competition that can effectively overwhelm people to the point where it is all tuned out.
Studies have proven that the majority of people enjoy receiving mail and check for it daily. Surprisingly, even the tech generation demographic of 18-34 year olds is more receptive to receiving marketing offers through print materials in the mail. Direct mail offerings such as postcards and folded direct mailers are generally effective but there still be competition to get noticed amidst the other mail.
Door hangers are direct mail solutions that customers are guaranteed to see when they come home and open the door. This ensures minimal competition and a maximum window of opportunity to influence customers. For restaurant owners, a professionally designed door hanger provides an excellent chance to influence both immediate and future meal choices. The challenge is designing and distributing a door hanger that will have the maximum impact on customers in the window of opportunity.


Professional Door Hanger Design and Distribution

Finding the best way to make a lasting positive impression on customers can be a difficult task without help from industry experts. Companies such as Front Door Advertising located in Southern California offer over 20 years of experience designing and executing winning direct mail advertising campaigns all over the US.
Front Door Advertising specializes in providing complete custom advertising strategies. They are known in the industry for developing powerful direct mail marketing campaigns that generate results while reducing advertising costs.
As part of a turnkey advertising solution, Front Door Advertising offers the following professional services:
- Identifying the target market and deciding where to deliver the door hangers.
- Designing a unique door hanger advertisement. Clients can work with a professional graphic artist to create a custom restaurant door hanger with a powerful headline and compelling incentive.
- Premium quality printing of door hangers including; color printing on both sides , UV coating and punch out cards as well, if necessary.

- Quality controlled hand delivery of door hangers to the front door of customers in the exact target area.

Effectively market your restaurant to customers in local target markets with professional door hangers for restaurants today.