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The Importance of Quality Door Hanger Delivery for Fitness Marketing Campaigns

The Importance of Door Hanger Delivery for Fitness Marketing

For most local small-to-medium fitness companies, digital advertising is too expensive and does not produce the same return on investment that custom direct mail campaigns deliver. There is overwhelming evidence that direct-to-door advertising such as door hanger campaigns are an extremely effective form of targeted advertising. Fitness clubs, gyms, yoga studios and wellness centers can dramatically increase the number of business leads that are generated with a well-coordinated door hanger campaign.
The Importance of Quality Door Hanger Delivery for Fitness Marketing Campaigns
Fitness is an industry where effective local advertising is absolutely vital to being competitive in the market and successful. Many fitness companies are discovering the importance of designing an eye-catching and informative door hanger that makes a lasting impression. This often involves spending time creating samples and customizing the materials, size, shape and colors of the door hanger to generate maximum impact in terms of both look and feel.  
One specific part of any effective door hanger campaign that should receive a lot of attention is the delivery system used to get the door hangers out to the customers. Even the most creative and interesting door hangers will fail to generate business if it is not delivered properly to the target market.

Identifying the Right Target Market

Identifying a specific target market is essential for successful delivery of the door hangers. For fitness campaigns, this is most often local neighborhoods where the location of the business is within a convenient distance. Identifying the target market for a fitness campaign may also involve identifying a specific demographic by age (i.e. 18-34 year olds for a hip new gym or older groups for a senior wellness center). This often requires research to be conducted in order to access important demographic information. 
The target market for a fitness location is generally not confined to a specific zip code or zone; it will most likely be defined by a radius around the location or by using street boundaries.


Quality Controlled Door Hanger Delivery for Fitness

Many direct mail companies place all of the emphasis on identifying the target market and creating a custom door hanger that gets noticed. Only the top direct mail companies consistently display a dedication to delivering the door hangers exactly where they need to go to be effective without zip code or zone restrictions.
The Importance of Quality Door Hanger Delivery for Fitness Marketing CampaignsCompanies such as Front Door Advertising have perfected the entire process of designing and delivering door hangers that get results. Professional services are provided throughout the entire process, from designing the door hanger with the help of in-house graphic artists to providing quality controlled delivery of the door hangers directly to the front door of customers anywhere in the US. Clients have the freedom to choose delivery on any day of the week, even holidays.
To ensure accurate delivery of door hangers, Front Door Advertising uses the following quality control measures:
- Using delivery teams composed of supervised adults
-GPS monitoring for delivery teams
-Conducting address verification to ensure specific addresses have received the door hangers
Ensure your custom fitness door hanger campaign achieves maximum effectiveness by choosing a company that offers quality controlled door hanger delivery for fitness campaigns today.