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Reach Your Target Market with Direct Mail for Health and Fitness Clubs

Effectively Reaching Customers

Direct mail for Health and Fitness Clubs has been shown to consistently produce significant return on investment. Direct mail is widely considered a charming and non-invasive form of direct response advertising that allows customers the freedom of when and how to absorb the message.

Instead of becoming an obsolete advertising medium, studies have shown that direct mail is a preferable alternative to digital advertising by as much as 73% of American consumers. Over 60% of Americans enjoy checking the mailbox for mail; direct mail brand communications are viewed as a welcome diversion from bills and other serious mail.
Customers are naturally receptive to direct mail advertisements for new businesses and special offers that are available locally. This is especially true for health and fitness clubs where proximity to the customer and compelling incentives are the major factors driving business. People are much more likely to join a gym or to renew an existing membership if they are informed of a limited time offer. Direct mail is a subtle way for health and fitness clubs to introduce themselves in a new neighborhood.

Choosing the Right Direct Mail Option
There are three common types of direct mail that allow health and fitness clubs to effectively interact with both new and existing clients. The choice comes down to what sort of message will be delivered, the delivery method and the level of interaction that is necessary with the customer. Clients have the ability to create a custom direct mail advertising campaign that uses one of these options or any combination of them.  
Direct mail postcards command attention with high quality, full color printing on both sides. Postcards are interesting for customers because they stand out from regular mail. They are an excellent way to communicate special offers or specific information about the health and fitness club. Whether it is a free trial offer at the club, a lower yearly membership cost, or the availability of new equipment and services, the information will be communicated directly to the customer in a manner that is easily absorbed.

Folded mailers are an excellent way to communicate multiple offers or larger amounts of important information to customers. Full color printing makes an attractive brochure that tactfully entices customers to browse.
Door hangers expand on the effectiveness of postcards to provide even greater interaction with customers (the customer must look at the door hanger while removing it from the door handle). Door hangers are not mailed, but actually hand delivered to the target market regardless of zip codes and zones.

Direct Response Advertising
It is important to choose a direct response advertising company with the experience and expertise to create a custom direct mail advertising campaign that will effectively generate new leads for your health and fitness club.
Front Door Advertising has over 20 years of experience helping clients design successful direct mail campaigns in Southern California and all over the US.  Front Door Advertising provides complete turnkey direct mailing solutions that include the following:
  • Identifying the target market
  • Total customization of postcards, folded mailers and door hangers
  • Premium quality printing
  • Delivery across the US
Find out why direct mail for health and fitness clubs is an essential part of an effective custom marketing campaign today.