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Dental Door Hangers Are Still an Efficient Form of Advertising

Dental door hangers are a very creative way to grab customer attention right at their doorstep. Advertising with door hangers is an effective marketing strategy for dental clinics seeking to expand their customer base and visibility. This cost-effective marketing approach will increase awareness of your dental practice. Dental door hangers can be used to promote a new office location, or even a special promotion. Door hangers are still an efficient form of advertisement today.


Choose Dental Door Hangers for an Option That Will Get Noticed

While many dental practices today may take the route of advertising online, consider using the traditional form of print advertising and get noticed! Dental door hangers prominently display your business name and contact information. And, better still, are delivered right to your prospective customer homes.  Most people automatically take the ad with them into their home. The strategic location of dental door hangers at entrances makes them hard to miss and difficult to ignore.

Door Hangers Are Demographic Specific

Dental door hangers can be used to directly communicate to your target neighbourhood and demographic. Door hangers are location-specific and can increase the chance of having the target market become interested in your business.

People Still like to Touch and Feel Print Material

Although the web has taken over so much of advertisements, physical mail leaves a deeper footprint in the brain. Advertisements that people can touch and feel resonate with them, much more so than digital ads. 

Direct Mail Generates a Higher Response Rate

Direct mail still holds supreme in response rate, offering response rates of 1.1 to 1.4% versus 0.03% for email according to survey research by ICOM. Targeted direct mail such as dental door hangers, boast a 4.4% response rate, compared to email’s rate of 0.12%.

Front Door Advertising implements a four-step formula to assist dentists in developing a powerful advertising campaign for their practice through the use of dental door hangers.
  • Target Audience: The expert research staff at Front Door Advertising will use the latest computer tools and demographic information to assist dentists in reaching the target audience.
  • Design: The success of the advertising campaign begins with a powerful ad design. All ads include a powerful headline, creative graphics, a compelling offer and expiration date, and a risk-free guarantee.
  • Print: Front Door Advertising will work hard to produce the ads for you. Ads can be customized into almost any shape. A custom-designed tooth shaped door hanger will attract attention and stimulate your target audience to take action.
  • Delivery: You are in complete control of delivery. You select the delivery day and the team of distribution specialists will deliver your dental door hangers to the front door of your targeted market.
Using dental door hangers to advertise your dental practice is one of the easiest methods of marketing. Door hangers are attention grabbers that will definitely benefit your business. Try dental door hangers for your practice and discover that cost-efficient advertising can be the best solution. If you are ready to start marketing your dental practice, contact Front Door Advertising for a free quote today!